Crisp Bean Burritos

Crisp bean burritos have always been a favorite at Taco Time or Taco Maker. I decided to re-create that version, with of course the obvious differences. However, the crispness of the burrito was very similiar to the Taco Time/Maker crisp bean. When frying these, you can add whatever you like inside to your liking. I used the following ingrediants to make these ones.

Crisp Bean Burritos

1 can Vegetarian refried beans (because it has zero saturated fat)
10 small corn tortillas
chopped onions (optional)
chopped red pepper (optional)
shredded cheese (optional)
olive oil for frying
Combine onions and red peppers to beans.

In medium sauce pan or skillet, heat olive oil, and then begin frying tortillas (you can opt to microwave the tortillas, but I found the tortillas fold better when first fried. Once tortillas are fried for about 1 minute, remove from pan and place on plate. Add bean mixture and cheese if you like, and fold tortillas. Place folded tortillas back in olive oil to fry. You may fry up to 5 at a time. Allow to fry until desired crispness. Burritos are great with salsa and sour cream. Can also add other toppings such as red peppers, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, or whatever else you like.


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