Laughter Is The Best Medicine

There's this movie called Patch Adams that I love. Haven't seen it in ages, but Robin Williams plays a goofy doctor who believes that laughter is the best medicine and would purposely make all his patients laugh with each round.

This movie really makes me realize how much we all need to laugh on a daily basis. Whether it be while watching a silly movie, telling jokes, reading a Dr. Seuss book (Funny Things Are Everywhere) or just laughing at our precocious toddlers, we just need to let go and just laugh.

This week I have been laughing up a storm. It must be the sleep deprivation. When I don't get enough sleep, I tend to laugh at everything much more.  Here is one hilarious line I want to remember from my own family this week.

From Sunny

Sunny:  "Daddy, mom's eyes are turning black."

Dad: "Are you sure?"

Sunny: "Yes and she is going to turn scary."

This conversation took place in the hallway while I sat in the recliner nursing my baby.  I just sat there laughing as I listened.

There are other silly things Sunny says on a daily basis and I wish I spent more time writing or typing up what I remember. I don't want to forget this cute stage she is in or some of the darndest things she says.

My mom has always been really silly and witty. I remember my nieces and I would stay up late during sleepovers and giggle at things my mom did that day.

We would sing and dance to certain Christmas songs while wearing huge glasses and perform skits to make everyone laugh on Christmas Eve.  Those were the days!

It seems after having kids, life got too serious. The day to day hustle and bustle seemed to drag me down.

Sunny brought me her toy guitar the other day and asked me to play. So I did. But in a serious way. Two days later she asked me to play it again . That time I decided the serious mom was not happening anymore.  I took the guitar and danced with her and we both laughed.

I have decided to stop sweating the small stuff.  I love having a perfectly clean house,  a spotless kitchen, and an organized routine. Those are what have kept me serious. Letting my house become a disaster this week was difficult,  but it made me less serious and more fun.

From now on I think Sunny will enjoy a more relaxed and down to earth me.


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)