4th Birthday Party

So I planned to get on this blog over at my mom's house (I have no internet, remember) and I was so excited to upload pictures of Sunny' party. Then I came to the terrifying conclusion. I didn't take any pictures of Sunny's party. So, if you are a facebook friend of my mom's, she will upload the pictures because she took a lot.

So here is the rundown of how the party went.

1. The first thing someone said to me is I AM CRAZY for inviting that many kids! Why!!!

To understand, you must first get the complicated psychology of my brain.  Growing up, I was THAT little kid who sometimes didn't get invited to a birthday party. I was very shy, not outgoing and it was easy to forget about me. It hurt.  I remember being 6 and my mom was more upset then I was. I just remember my mom sobbing and angry and wanting to march right over and talk to the kid's mom.

To this day, It would kill me if someone found out about my child's party and was not invited. In our world of social media and my mother who loves to share pictures, I was terrified that someone would get left out.  I think it would hurt me more then the child.

Have you ever gotten on social media or someone's blog and read all about a party or event and felt a little sad that you were not included? I have.  Why share something like that for everyone to read if you know feelings can get hurt?

Weeks before the party, I made a list over and over and went through our ward list to make sure nobody was overlooked or forgotten about.  It was stressful but making sure everyone feels loved and included is a huge part of who I am.

There was a lot of kids and my backyard resembled a little chaos. I admit I felt a little frazzled and disoriented. It was afterall, my very first time hosting a party that big. I had no clue what would come about.

There were games, jumping, swinging, eating and lots of socializing.  I hope everyone had a good time.

I did it for Sunny. That's a mother's love for ya. I couldn't of done it without my Rodney.  He kept everything in control. I hope my daughter remembers this her entire life.  Happy Birthday Sunny!!


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)