Scrambled Eggs and Kale

I've posted a breakfast idea on here before, but I wanted to share this one, since I have it so frequently. It's scrambled eggs with finely chopped kale and turkey sausage/bacon. It is quite good, and when you just don't want the grains, this breakfast really satisfies. So, here is what you do. Take how many eggs you plan to scramble, beat them, and cook on low heat so they don't stick to pan. Add the pre-cooked sausage/bacon to the eggs, and just minutes before serving, take about 1/2 c. of chopped kale leaves and mix into the eggs. Now you have a nutritionally complete breakfast. Serve with salsa verde and fruit salad, recommended. I recommend you use Omega 3 enriched eggs, organic/cage free eggs. They are a bit more, but so worth it. Pregnancy Update: It's going fantastic. My little prince(ss) is growing like a weed. I am almost at the half way mark. It's going so fast.


Blender Tortilla Soup

This recipe, one of my favorite blend-tec soups, is one I haven't made in a very long time, until a few days ago. This soup, which if you are a regular Costco shopper, is often on demo for the blend-tec. However, if you do not own a blend-tec, and just a standard blender, you can also use it as well. Just be careful, as you don't want to damage the blades on standard, weaker model blenders. Fast, easy, and delicious, you can make this soup in less then 10 min. In a blender, place 3 washed, roma tomatoes, 2 tsp. taco seasoning, 1 cube of extra sharp chedder cheese, 1 handful of fresh cilantro leaves, 1 carrot, or 4 baby carrots, and about 1/8 of a cut onion. Add 2 c. of boiling hot water, and 1 tsp. of garlic salt into the blender and puree until smooth. Place about 1/4 c. of tortilla chips and puree for another 3 seconds. Garnish with whatever topping you prefer. Photo from http://www.blendtec.com/recipes/tortilla_soup

Candy Coated Mixed Nuts (A Healthier Alternative This Holiday)

I make every effort to stay away from treats, but during the holiday season, too many delicious, savory aromas are in the air, and temptation really gets me. Thank goodness for these candied coated nuts. High in fiber with an added bonus of cinnamon and brown sugar, these hit that temptation just right. Also they are paleo approved for those living that lifestyle. These are the same nuts you smell and see in the mall this time of year, which are outrageously expensive sold by the pound. Making these is so simple and affordable, I just had to share!!! This recipe begins with just 2 c. of almonds. I like cashews as well, so I do one cup of each. You will need to preheat your oven to 250 degrees. The first thing you do is beat one egg white
for about 3 minutes, or until it looks the consistancy of meringue. Next you add 1/2 c. of soft brown sugar, 2 tsp. of pure vanilla extract, 1/4 tsp. of salt, and 1 T. of cinnamon. Mix it all in with the nuts and spoon out onto a well greased or foiled cookie sheet. Bake up to 1 hour, stirring every 15 min. Allow to sit out for at least 1 hour before serving. Makes great gifts too. Picture taken from nuts.com


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)