Sunny's new bike

Sunny got a new bike today. I remember when i got my first bike at about 4 and it was something i will never forget. I think Sunny will remember this day. I promised her a bike months ago when she mastered potty training, and she has reminded me almost daily about her need for a bike.
I debated on different bikes, but eventually decided this is the better fit for her.  I love Radio Flyer bikes for their antique vintage look. This one is steel but has plastic tires, unlike some other models with rubber. I think the quality is good and should last her a few years. She can ride it until she's 5 and then pass it down, if it still works.
It has a bell which she loves and a place to store stuff. I think we will be spending a lot of time with this trike at the park. I love that it has a parent handle so I can push her along until she's on her own. Sunny is so thrilled and hardly had patience while it was put together.


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