The Benefits of ACV.......added bonus, it's cheap!!!

This is the exact product you want to invest in. Under 4.00, this has benefits that are incredulous. Top ten reasons I love ACV:
1. It's alkaline
2. just one tsp. in water is all you need once or twice a day
3. Gets rid of cold, flu, and other health conditions
4. you can use it in bath water for great benefits
5. Great toner for face, gets rid of pimples and keeps your skin clear. Better then most toners.
6. Its cost effective
7. it doesn't taste bad
8. It's super good for you
9. it will keep you healthy
10. great for acid reflux, even though i dont have this, I do know some people who do and this works better then acid reflux medicines.
Do the research and learn more about ACV!!!!


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