Election Day, Home Improvement & A One Month Old

It's Election Day!!! Today is HUGE for my family and I. We plan to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and have a little party around our couch as we watch intensely as the results come in. I am just so glad this is almost over. I am sick of the negative ads and overall drama from both candidates.

In other news, I have a one month old now. I may be biased, but she is the cutest baby I have ever seen.
                            pink and blue
She is such a good baby. So easy going. Sleeps all day and up most the night.  I know it will change soon. I don't mind a bit. I just LOVE her!!

She caught her first cold from her sister. poor baby.
                           Halloween baby
                            sister love

I haven't forgotten about my Rugrat Sunny. She insisted I take her picture too.
We love our new fireplaces and have used it a few times.  It was the best house investment we could of done. it heats our house so well and we can now save tons of money this winter.
            Home sick from preschool

I finally ordered us a new kitchen table after I bought this one at the Boulevard.
I liked it in store but as soon as I put it in my kitchen, I hated it.  It does not go with my country kitchen theme. It has a granite type surface and is very nice, just not for my kitchen. I am very picky about stuff like this.
I am returning it and can't wait until my bright white table and chair set comes. It will match my white cupboards, white french doors and white shelves.
   debating whether I should put the fall away and bring on the Christmas.

Here is a final picture of some home improvement.  Newly planted grass. It is doing great! I am thrilled to finally have some green rather then a dirt yard.


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)