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This last few weeks have been very busy. We just moved into our new place which I love. The view is magnificent, lots of beautiful, magestic mountains from every window view. I never imagined having a view like this. So peaceful. It is great to say the least. With the move, I am still scrambling ideas, sorting through boxes, and still striving to make effort to cook the healthiest of foods. With all the moving, I have not been able to do my daily yoga. But I am going to get right back to it as soon as we are settled. If you have never tried yoga, please try it. It is has many health benefits and deeply soothing to the mind. Yoga is also great at distributing energy throughout the body in a very balancing way. I wanted to recommend a few yoga DVD's and instructors that I love. Crunch:Superslim down is faster paced but goes fast and the teacher keeps you engaged the entire time. I also like anything from lisa and charles Matkin, they are slower paced and target deep relaxation, deep breathing, and stretching. You can access these on netflix or purchase on DVD.

Homemade Baby Food

With the blendtec we now own, I have decided that this lil beauty will be doing much more then just making drinks for rodney and I. When we have a baby, we will be making every bit of baby food in this blender. I am also already sharing baby food recipes to friends and family members as well for their babies. I found some awesome recipes for every baby food you can imagine. Why buy the gerber baby food which has you don't know what in it, make your own. Here are some recipes below.
Apple Sauce
I apple


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)