Did I just hear hear that dark chocolate is good for you, even recommended for your health, even recommended to eat daily. Yeah!!!!!!!!! I love deep, rich, dark chocolate, and this is the very chocolate I am eating right now. I love the extra dark, 85% chocolate. Lindt brand is my favorite. I love the pure taste of cocoa. Rich in anti-oxidents, and great for your skin, this dark chocolate is sure to be the dessert of choice for me.



Music has always been a huge part of my life. I have played several musical instruments over the years because of my passion for music. I remember taking harp lessons and practicing harp hours on hours of the day. I remember ar byu practicing the piano so often I actually became confident to play in public. I remember duets with my dad, us playing violin and viola. I remember singing in huge choirs and private voice lessons. I remember playing in the orchestra at BYU. I love music, but I also love dance. Not only is music and dance enjoyable, but I have researched the benefits of music on a human brain. A holistic doctor once told me about how even snowflakes, seen under a microscope change into different formations when different music is played. Soothing music has greatt benefits for feeling inner peace within the body. Lately, I have turned to music since we don't have television. I make sure relaxing music is playing all around me, and love doing my yoga while listening to relaxing music. Take time to allow music that you enjoy to play in your home daily, you will truly love it.


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)