Slightly Better

Yesterday I was sent home with the supplies to collect her urine sample to bring in. Problem is, it hasn't been easy.

The clinic doesn't open until 9 and trying to get a sample after that hasn't been fun. She hasn't been going much for one and she's been in diapers due to diarrhea.

I am hoping to get lucky and get a sample today. But I the meantime she has been drinking cranberry juice and eating yogurt.

Her temp is down to 99 degrees now and she's playing more and sleeping less. I think she's lost weight but that would be expected.  She's irritable,  but that's normal.

She weighs 29 pounds and is 3 feet tall.  I told her she was seeing Doc McStuffins to ease her fears. It sordive worked.

I so needed to get out today. Being sick and cooped up in the house all week has been insane.  I headed to Target and bought Sunny this
She was so excited.  She loves building toys or anything to do with creating something.  Legos were becoming old hats and I have a feeling this will be used a ton. I do not spoil Sunny at all, and it's been ages since she got a new toy. She earned this for getting potty trained, and I did feel sorry for her being sick n all.
. Rodney loves this type of stuff too. Great bonding time while I get some R&R.
This is one of the best toys ever. Nonstop entertainment.  Watching 15 marbles make it to bottom is so fun. Best toy I ever bought.

My baby shower was supposed to be tomorrow but it ain't happening anymore. I am totally fine with it.  Tonight I plan to watch another 4 or 5 episodes of Parenthood (I'm already on season 2), eat taco salad, maybe get out some frozen cookie dough and ice cream, put Sunny to bed by 8:30 and then watch a movie with my guy. I love weekends.

I am loving this month's cool weather. Fall treats me well.


Still Sick

Sunny is still sick, but I am better.  Usually if I do get sick,  it last 24 hours. I feel lucky I dont get sick often and i am one who rarely catches stuff from others, thanks to a strong immune system i guess. Knock on wood.  

My theory is that Sunny has a UTI.  We are going in today to get her checked out. Her temp has been about 102 and she can't sleep at night.  She has been crashing during the day.
                Naps are a rarity, so she must be sick.

I've been drinking a lot of herbal tea and just taking it easy. I'm back to the gym after a 3 week departure. I need this. 


When We're Both Sick

Today Sunny and i both woke up under the weather. She had preschool but was tossing and turning all night. I knew she wasn't herself.
She had breakfast and her nose started running. She has had a runny nose for awhile now and I'm not sure it's allergies or what.  She seemed to be coming around so I took her to school.
Sometimes its hard to know if your child is sick or just has a stomach ache. I thought she just had a little ache but after I picked her up, I knew she had much more.
With myself feeling sick, i tried to get her to take a nap. It took about 3 hours before she fell asleep.

She took an hour nap and I took her temp which was 102 .  She felt hot so she had some Tylenol. Both of us have no appetite.  My stomach has felt so hard and there is so much pressure that I haven't slept well at night in weeks. I think severe lack of sleep really is the culprit behind me feeling so sick today.
Poor Sunny. I Hope she returns to her spunky self soon.
                          Snuggling on my lap and an 8 month bump.


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)