Live & Learn: What I learned from Baby #1 that I won't repeat again.

In short a few weeks, I will learn what the gender of our baby is.  This time I am so ready. I didn't want to know with Sunny, but this time around, I really do.

Oh man, I'm nervous to find out. Having a girl would be so nice. I came from a family of all girls. I don't know how to relate to boys. I was a nanny for two toddler boys before.

But, I know a lot of mom's who say that having a boy is wonderful. You don't know until you have him. That is reassuring to me.

I am making some strong commitments to myself this time. I have tendencies to not follow through with stuff, so writing this down, will only help me remember and stick to my words.

So, here is my list:

1. I will not nurse,  Let's see if I end up eating my words. My solution: Breastmilk in a bottle from the very beginning.

There are many pros and cons to nursing and I have a huge list for each, but Sunny showed me what a nightmare nursing ended up becoming. She would never take a bottle, she depended on me day and night, she would not go to sleep on her own without nursing, and she wouldn't give it up until she was 2.5. I tried and tried, and nothing I did would seperate her me.

My conclusion to nursing: Never again.

2. I will never puree another fruit or veggie again. I made this mistake with Sunny. When she was about 5 months, I started giving her puree's and I spent so much time making her food in my blender, then freezing it, that I was exhausted. She became picky and to this day is picky.

There is a method to solving picky eaters. It's called, "Baby Led Weaning" and I wished I would of done this with Sunny.  It involves introducing baby to normal human food at about 6 months. The food can be fed through a mesh or can be given in simple form in small, un-chockable peices.  Foods can include, avocado, a chicken thigh or leg that they can gnaw on, small pieces of rasperries, scrambled eggs, etc.  By introducing babies to this way to eating, studies have shown that picky eating is reduced significantly.

3. Start sleep training immediately. No baby will sleep with me again. This leads to more then one problem.

4. No more wasting money on baby shoes, until they start walking. They kick them off and lose them.

5. Have a diaper pail with a neutralizer and oder remover. Newborns go so often, and this will become a huge lifesaver.

6.  Don't use a baby bathtub. I wish I never wasted money on buying one. It is so much more work and not worth it.  Bathing baby in the kitchen sink saves your back and is so much easier.

7.  Don't worry about germs so much. With Sunny, I was paranoid about her coming in contact with germs. That's first baby syndrome for ya.  I would never put her on floor without a blanket and insisted she be in a playpen.

I don't think I will use a playpen again and I am certainly not opposed to baby scooting all over the carpet and playing with germy stuff on floor. The more germs, the better immunity for baby, seriously.

8. Get rid of all hand sanitizer.  I rarely use the stuff. Not only does it dry your hands out bad, but is it really necessary to use it all the time, or before holding baby. Ridiculous if you ask me.

9. Take baby out in the world after it's born.  When Sunny was born, I was literally afraid to take her out in the world for at least a month.  The sooner baby is held by friends and family and around it's natural environment, the better stimulation it will recieve, and may even sleep better at night.  Babies are not fragile or breakable. They actually enjoy interacting, staring at people and getting fresh air.

10.  The more relaxed you are when holding a newborn, the more relaxed a newborn will be.  With Sunny, I was so tense for the first month or so.  I was constantly wondering if I was holding her head and supporting her neck properly. I began to over-analyze everything. I simply was not relaxed.  In turn, Sunny absorbed that and felt un-relaxed as well.  Holding a baby in a relaxed position may take practice for some.

11. Stop being a helicopter mom.  I was and am still a bit that way with Sunny, but I blame that on her being my first.  I have gotten so much better now that Sunny is getting more independent and no longer needs me as much.

When I was a nursery worker, we had this sign on the door outside that said, "Your're children need a break from you, and you need a break from them. Please do not come inside unless absolutely necessary."

This is so true. I still notice from time to time a few moms who will not allow their child to stay in nursery alone, and insist on being in there with them.  My opinion on that is mom needs to relax  and learn to enjoy herself away from her child.

So here is my list I better remember.  I am sure I will think of more along the way.


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