6 months old

Today is a huge celebration. We have reached our half year mark. It's been hard. I don't want to be dramatic or complain, but I haven't had the easiest baby. We are still unable to go many places and I still struggle going to church. As of about one week ago, she finally began taking longer naps. At about 3.5 months, she began taking short cat naps up to 30 minutes. Just enough for me to get a few things done and maybe sleep a little. She also began waking up every hour on average all through the night. She still wakes frequently at night, but it's not every hour and she is starting to finally take naps up to two hours long. Wow!! She has reached her milestones well. She is sitting up but has some balancing issues, she scoots everywhere, and she is starting to get into everything. Her personality is very strong willed and determined. She is not mellow, but rather very fiesty and very alert. She is well aware of her surroundings and recognizes people now. She has started on solids as of a month ago. I have been pureeing my own baby food and she has tried pumpkin, peaches, squash, apple, and sweet potato. We are introducing her to other greens as well. She has also tried organic brown rice cereal. We think it may cause her some tummy and constipation issues so we are going to stop the rice for a few days and try oatmeal instead. Overall, she is doing well. We love her and she definitely keeps us busy. There are days I am very exhausted, but I try to remind myself to slow down. My house does not have to be perfectly clean every second. I don't have to have makeup on or my hair done everyday. And there are days that it's okay to stay in my pajamas. I am trying to remind myself that it's okay. Here is to 6 more months of new developments from scooting to crawling, from crawling to walking and from walking to talking. I also wanted to through in a picture of me when I was about five months and my mom. Wow, time has sure gone by fast.



I found this outfit at Gymboree awhile back and slowy accumulated the hat, onsie, and booties to go with it. The entire outfit only cost me less then about 18.00. I really got some great clearance items here. She can wear this outfit anytime too. So far she has worn the strawberry hat everyday. Maybe because I am a strawberry shortcake lover, always have been. We began the evening with a little trick or treating around our cute little complex. We mainly just went to people in our ward. Rodney was thrilled to get Halloween candy. I actually snuck a peice myself (sorry sunny). Sunny was getting cranky towards the last house so we came home, took pictures and called it a night. We decided to leave our halloween candy on the door since our dog barks at every knock. A big group of kids came and cleaned us out. Took every last tootsie pop sucker we had. That's okay.. Sunny eating pureed pumpkin. She has so far had squash and sweet potato, all of which she loves.


5 months

I do have one thing to say, Gymboree's sales are cheaper then the DI. .80 cents for socks, 1.50 for hat. What a steal!!!



The The air is cooler. It's time to bring out those cute hats!!! Happy Fall. Stay away snow!!


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)