Complete 360

I was looking through my baby journal of Sunny,  back when I wasn't blogging as much, but writing more.  I much prefer typing then writing. I really didn't document much, and it's crazy how much you forget.  I am going to be better at documenting Addy.

Rodney and Sunny are at Wal-Mart right now, and my perfect baby is content on the floor playing and smiling and sucking her hand.

This is something we didn't see while she was a nursing baby.

How things have changed.  I am shocked,  thrilled, overwhelmed with JOY.

Her cries are reserved for hungry, tired, or diaper changes.  She takes long naps, no longer having to nurse to sleep. Her cues are easy. When she fusses and rubs her eyes, I know she is tired. I place her in dark room, turn on white noise, her mobile and music and swing in rocking motion.  She wants her soother,  her bottle,  even if not hungry.  She then falls asleep. Its too easy, too nice.  I am not used to this.


Hands & Toes

I love this age. It is so fun with all Addy's new discoveries.  She is always sucking her hands until they are red and raw.  Now she is playing with her toes. It is so darn cute. I can't get enough. Can she PLEASE stay 4 4 months forever. I may need another baby. Here are pictures from today.

Valentine's Fun

Sunny has been so into Valentine's this year, so naturally so are we.

Yesterday Sunny reminded me that we had to make and decorate cookies for her friends. Part of me was excited with her, and the other part was scared to death of having cookies around here. I might just eat too many.

Sunny LOVES Target and hates Walmart.  I have no idea why, as she can't explain why, so we headed to Target, again. We bought frosting from a jar, candy hearts, a mailbox for her cards.
Everytime Sunny saw another person in the store, she would tell them she was making cookies for "Balantines" and would then ask any kid sg e saw what their name was after introducing herself to them. I love and hate that people stop what they are doing to talk to her, but also know how annoying it can be for some in a hurry.

Sunny is so fun to hang out with and I love taking her along for one on one time together.

Today after gym, we made the cookies. I ate two and feel kind of sugar overload, but watching Sunny have so much fun rolling and cutting out hearts was worth it.

Sunny has a crush on two boys in our ward and can't wait for them to see her gift.

     Almond extract makes them soooo good.

Rodney and I always celebrate on the weekend because it's so crowded Valentine's evening, so we are doing a lunch date tomorrow afternoon and then a nice dinner Sunday. I was thinking of maybe doing a tradition of having a candlelit dinner.


Day 5 Weening

Things are going so well. Better then I imagined.  Adelaide is now accepting her bottle full time. I am pumping only when I am in pain and need release. She loves the combination of breastmilk with formula. Breastmilk is naturally very sweet (yes, I finally tried it) and does add sweetness to her otherwise dull flavored formula. I don't plan to pump much longer as I can tell I am slowly closing the shops, but in the meantime, I will do what feels right.


It's gone. Ever since I started weening her, she instantly became more content. Was she finally full? It's hard to say. When you breastfeed, you have no way of knowing how much baby is getting. I thought she was getting enough.....

She is taking long naps, up to 3 hours. This never happened when I was breastfeeding.

She seems happier.

All in all, it's a win win for us both. I am feeling better,  less anxious, and overall I am so glad I endured and didn't surrender the first two days that weening was the hardest.

So glad I have my happy, easy going baby back.

Sunny Weather

It feels like spring.  I am in heaven. It's February and it's supposed to be cold, but I will take the sun anyday.

Sunny is so into Valentine's Day. Last year she was younger and wasn't into stuff like now. I never decorate for Valentine's,  but while browsing through the dollar section at our Target, she told me she wanted to buy hearts for decoration. So we did this
You love spending time with Sunny one on one. We always have so much fun. She says her favorite place to go when we do downtown is Target and Cafe Rio. She likes Cafe Rio only because she loves watching the ladies roll dough. She does the same with her playdough.

So today, I picked her up at daycare and she made this. She wanted me to take pictures.

Sunny reminded me today that she's almost 4. I asked her what kind of cake she wants this year, strawberry,  vanilla, or chocolate.  I thought for sure she would request chocolate again. But she said vanilla. Then a few seconds later she said strawberry.  So strawberry it will be, unless she changes her mind, haha.

Love my girls


4 Months Old & Day 4 Weening

I have a perfect 4 month old.

She's growing up too fast. It's killing me. I want her to stay a newborn.  Well maybe. I am kind of thrilled she's 4 months. This is a FUN age. It really is.

Last night went better then I thought. I was preparing myself for long stretches of crying. But, that never happened. I made her a bottle and she accepted it and fell asleep. I had to pump as I was so sore. How do people dry up. It kills.

She is doing so much better today. The first 48 hours were the hardest, but she has accepted the bottle full time now and I am thrilled. I can already feel myself feeling Vetter, lighter, happier. Nursing really does take a lot out of me. It's great to be back to me.

Adelaide is rolling, smiling, giggling a little, and loves when anyone sits on the floor to play with her.

She dislikes when everyone leaves the room and she's alone, even for a short moment. She feels secure with people around.

She loves taking a bath every night.  It calms her and she falls asleep much faster.

She still loves her swing.  She loves bright colors and playing with sister.

Happy 4 months my love.


Day 3 Weening Update

I decided to record how this is going.  Adelaide is not liking it. She is so mad and when she cries to be fed, she doesn't just cry, she screams in pure mad.

I initially was going to ease the nursing out, but it's only making her mad and confused. I think I might need to go cold turkey.  That means tonight I will not nurse, and I will not nurse in the middle of the night either.  I am already dreading this. It's going to be a long night with lots of crying and frustration. I have to do this. I can't give up. This will not turn into what it did with Sunny. I am determined to do this even though it's harder then I thought.

Adelaide is not taking a bottle. She cries and then screams mad for about 20 minutes before she surrenders. Here is a picture when she finally calmed down.  Poor baby. I love her so much.  Why does this have to be so difficult.

 There is A LOT of crying and screaming in our house right now. Sunny has been plugging her ears or hiding out in her room. I can't blame her. I might need some ear plugs too.

Is it better that I do this now while she is only 4 months vs when she is over a year? Yes!  I think she is still at the age where she is submissive enough that I can take hold of the situation better.

With Sunny, I had her climbing out of her crib at 12 months and screaming, following me, and refusing to go back to bed. Much harder at that age.


I will write back with more updates.  Part of me does sort of wish to escape right now on vacation while someone else weens her.


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)