Sick Of Being Sick (Pun Intended)

Sunny has been sick for the past two months. She was sick before but just not as much. The past two months have been the most brutal, especially after baby was born.

I have taken her to doctors multiple times but it's always viral, never bacterial. Since antibiotics do nothing for viral, the illness needs to run it's course.   Instead they gave her steroids for croupe to take for one day.

 She was diagnosed with croupe the last time (3weeks ago) and now, I am afraid it's back again. The illness doesn't stay away long. If she gets better, its only for about a week and and then she's sick again.

Because of this pattern, we have not had much of a social life. We've had to stay home alot to prevent others from catching her bug.

Sunny missed TONS of school. Even though  it cost 120.00 a month for her to go to preschool, she missed so much learning and kind of a waste of money. :(

Now our baby girl is sick and has a cough. With two sick kids, it's been especially difficult to say the least.

Then there is me who has been sick like crazy. I always get sick after having a baby. Lack of sleep and nursing seem to do it.

Having a sick child all the time is hard. A lot of people don't understand what it's like if they can't relate. Sunny doesn't take naps due to her sleep disorder and that makes it especially hard because she's overly wired and I am always trying to protect little sister from getting sick which is a workout.

I hope Sunny's immune system will somehow get stronger,  I pray she will eat more nutritious foods, and I pray she will sleep for once.

As exhausting as this last six months has been, I will remain hopeful that next year will bring positive changes in Sunny.


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