2017 Tracy Schedule

I have not used a day planner in a very long time.  Before 2017 came, I decided to buy one. I knew I didn't need one that cost more then 1.00 because I tend to not use them or lose them.  I bought one at the dollar store and sadly, I have not used it. I just sits at the bottom of my purse. Sigh.

Lately, I have felt really clostrophobic. I feel my house is so messy all the time and I can't stand it. I have to have a spotless, sanitized clean house or I get frustrated.  I know that it's not realistic to set such high expectations with little ones, but it's just how I am. I can't change it no matter how much I try.  Cleanliness is Godliness as they saying goes and when I have a clean home, I feel good. When I feel good, I do good, and when I do good, others do good, etc, etc.

So I decided to map out a plan for this year. I want some changes to happen around here.

This week I went to the gym every day. That has not happened in a while. I felt great and the more I go, the more easy it gets.  So I have made sure to include this in my schedule. So here it goes.

Schedule M-Thursday.  On days where Sunny has dance class, or other appts, this schedule will change.

7 am, wake up and get breakfast started and eaten. Nurse and get baby settled,  Get meat out of freezer for defrost and dinner prep.

8-9:30 am, unload dishwasher, sweep and mop floor (if needed) and a quick vacuum. Sunny plays with toys or watches a show,

9:30 am, snuggle time. This can include reading books or singing songs.

9:45 am. Head to Gym.  Get Sunny checked in at Daycare and walk track with baby until she falls asleep, Then do treadmill and machines or go to Yoga class.

11:30- Pick Sunny up at daycare

11:40-Home from gym. Prepare lunch.  Sunny will only eat a few things so PB&J, grilled cheese or chicken nuggets with cucumber slices, apples or carrot.

12 pm- Show on for Sunny and nursing time for baby.

1 pm- Tidy up a bit if needed and start a load of laundry if needed. Talk on phone with mom.

2 pm. Dinner plan.  Get everything in crockpot. Adelaide goes down for nap in dark room and her sound machine.

3 pm. Do my hair and makeup if I haven't already.  Brush my teeth.

4 pm Dad gets home. Run my errands, quickly because dad needs to study. Sometimes I take Sunny, othertimes I need my space.

5pm- Play with Sunny while dad studies.

6:30- Dinner and off to gym again. Check Sunny into daycare.

7:15 Home from gym. Bath and ready for bed. Songs and books.

8 pm. Daddy and mommy time. I have hot cocoa which is cashew milk and ovaltine. We usually swoon over Adelaide or watch Netflix shows. Rodney loves to watch Chips and I love to watch Parenthood.

8:30. Baby goes to bed

9:45-pick up toys if Sunny forgot to clean up and have dishwasher running and kitchen clean.

Make sure everything is in its place, and house looks clean and organized. If satisfied, turn off all lights, brush teeth and head to bed.

10 pm. Bed for adults. Sometimes a movie in bed on laptop, but usually only on weekends.


3 months

Our little caboose as we call her, has turned 3 months. Part of me is relieved that she no longer that fragile newborn anymore, but is getting more tough.

Little Adelaide (See Jan. 5 post to read story)  is smiling now, and I love the happy baby pose with her legs curled up close to her tummy. Gets me everytime.

She prefers not to wear mittens anymore because she loves chewing on her hands now. In fact, her hands are turning raw from all the sucking.
She is cooing all the time, mostly while she is sucking on her hands. She is getting loud with her voice and I love that she has discovered it.

She is sleeping well through the night, waking up once between 1-4 am and thr wakes up again about 7 am.

She hates noise and prefers a quiet roon to sleep. Aren't we all that way.

Still bald.

Loves to be held. She is good on the floor or swing for a little bit, then grows bored.

Loves new environments and is most chill when get out of the house.

Breastmilk more, less formula now.  I am so glad because I hate formula but we always keep it on hand for emergencies.  

She is a lot better now. She had a bad cold caught from Sunny. She coughed for about a week or so and we were told to just wait it out. 

She weighs almost 12 pounds, wears size 1 diapers and might be ready for size 2 soon.

Sunny has enjoyed playing with her, mostly treating her like one of her dolls. She knows how to calm her down by singing to her. I hope they are always close friends.

So here is the story behind Sunny's hair. She didn't wake up with curls one day, but has discovered soft foam hair curlers I which she insists she must sleep in. Every night she pleads to have her hair I them so she can not only have a colorful rainbow in her hair, but wake up to a suprise each morning. It has been fun. I wonder how long it will last. 
I can't stop playing with her curls, and she reminds me that her best friend, Evelyn has the same hair.


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)