Sick Of Being Sick (Pun Intended)

Sunny has been sick for the past two months. She was sick before but just not as much. The past two months have been the most brutal, especially after baby was born.

I have taken her to doctors multiple times but it's always viral, never bacterial. Since antibiotics do nothing for viral, the illness needs to run it's course.   Instead they gave her steroids for croupe to take for one day.

 She was diagnosed with croupe the last time (3weeks ago) and now, I am afraid it's back again. The illness doesn't stay away long. If she gets better, its only for about a week and and then she's sick again.

Because of this pattern, we have not had much of a social life. We've had to stay home alot to prevent others from catching her bug.

Sunny missed TONS of school. Even though  it cost 120.00 a month for her to go to preschool, she missed so much learning and kind of a waste of money. :(

Now our baby girl is sick and has a cough. With two sick kids, it's been especially difficult to say the least.

Then there is me who has been sick like crazy. I always get sick after having a baby. Lack of sleep and nursing seem to do it.

Having a sick child all the time is hard. A lot of people don't understand what it's like if they can't relate. Sunny doesn't take naps due to her sleep disorder and that makes it especially hard because she's overly wired and I am always trying to protect little sister from getting sick which is a workout.

I hope Sunny's immune system will somehow get stronger,  I pray she will eat more nutritious foods, and I pray she will sleep for once.

As exhausting as this last six months has been, I will remain hopeful that next year will bring positive changes in Sunny.


A Year In Review & Extreme Gratitude

This year went so fast.
                This view is from my living room

I was going through old photos as I was searching for lost driver's licences *I lost my husband's and my license and the search is non ending.

Anyway, I realized as I looked at Christmas photos, that 2014 was the last time we had a family Christmas photo. Getting a family picture with us all is just plain hard. I gave up long ago. I do like this photo though. Sunny was 19 months and never sat still. She was such a cutie pie.

So here is a brie year in review.

At the beginning of the year, we sold our townhome and were thrilled to never have renters again.

We found out we were expecting right after and I found out sunny would have a sister.

We started more home improvement on our obnoxious fixer upper house. We added sod, painted our exterior white, added windows, french doors and much more.

There is so much more to do on our home still.  Did I mention she is obnoxious?

We took Sunny to Disneyland for her third birthday and visited the beach.

Sunny started pre-school.

Our baby girl was born.

And now we are welcoming another Christmas season.

 It's important not to get caught up in the commercial aspect of the holiday rush, but rather to slow down and reflect, ponder, and admire the whole reason we are here to begin with. Jesus, the Christ, Savior and Redeemer. A perfect being who was born perfect and continues to remain perfect. His perfection is reason he can't touch this imperfect earth.

I strive to be like him and live by his example.

I have been blessed. So very blessed and I am so very thankful for where I am in life. By choosing to live my life in the gospel is reason for my happiness.  I could not have the happiness I do without my Lord and Savior the center of my life. He is the reason we have what we do. His asking for only 10% of what we have is example of how little he asks for. He loves us so much, he not only suffered and died for us, but he to this day loves us even through all our imperfections.

I love my Savior and am what I am because of him.

I realize there are others out there suffering through trials at this time. I have a friend who can not get pregnant without IVF. My heart goes out to those in similiar situations.
Anyway, She found out she was pregnant after going through the headache I imagine IVF would be, only to suffer a miscarriage. It was right before the holidays too.  She is in so much pain and my prayers go  out to her and anyone who has to endure that.

I know she would or could feel more comfort if she had the gospel in her life. As Christ knows all pain.

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope that whatever you may be enduring this season that you will remember Him and feel comforted my his endless love.


Picnic At The Park

I don't know who was more excited to return to our favorite park today, me or Sunny. I couldn't wait to go back today and show dad. Even though it was s ooooo cold, it didn't stop us.

I cannot get Sunny to ever take a picture with me, but Olivia always cooperates.

Maybe one day I will buy a better camera. They really aren't the best. Oh well.

We stopped at Durango for chicken salads and ate there. Afterwards Sunny had to go to her favorite place in the world (besides Disneyland).


I stopped in Old Navy because she needs more pants that have better insulation as her dad says. They had thermal tops for 4.00, So cute and fleece jogging pants, 4.00.

I think she's set now. I got her Christmas shopping done online at Target.
I got 25.00 off so what a deal.  

I think I may want this more then Sunny,  but I can't wait to play with it with her. It is so cute, I couldn't resist it.

Sunny has been asking for a tool set forever.  I guess she keeps finding things around the house that need to be fixed.  This one is 10.00 and is for ages 3 and up
She isn't into dolls as much as I thought she would be. 

She also wants a kitchen. I found one for 20.00 and can't wait until she sees it.

I still have more shopping to do. It's crazy out there and online shopping is easier.

And this little chunk is sleeping through the night now.  Sunny never did until she hit 3 so this is Awesome. 


Sunny's Christmas Program

Sunny had her preschool program today. So many people were there. Since it was so early, I showed up in my lounge wear and forgot my camera.  Two mom's approached me and noticed I had no camera.  They offered to take some for me. I love the sweet friendships I've made with these mom's. We always seem to have each other's back.

Sunny practically stole the entire show. There are 18 students in her class and most were to shy to sing or say their
Line when it was their turn. Not Sunny. She was loud as sang and said her line perfect.  Her teacher thanked sunny at the end for making her job so easy.

The other parents thought Sunny was too cute and all told her afterwards.

I love Sunny is not shy and doesn't hold back.  She is quite the character to say the least.


Turkey or Chicken Soup & Fun At The Park

We visited a fun park for the first time today.  Sunny even got to ride a train there. How fun. Fresh air was great for Olivia too.

Rodney wasn't able to join us because he went up with the elders in our ward to chop wood. We purchased a huge bundle from a guy so it's great to get more. We are burning wood daily now and it goes fast, but we love our new fireplace and the cozy, serene environment it creates.
Olivia slept the entire time at park. She is so precious. She is starting to smile now.
So after Thawnksgiving,  we had a lot of leftover turkey. I used it all up in several batches of this soup.  It is so good that I have made it with shredded chicken too.

It is my new favorite soup. I am making tons of soups lately. Split pea and beef and barley are next. Sitting at my table with a hot bowl of soup is my favorite.  Now if only a certain picky eater I know would try some. Wishful thinking.

I got my new table and it is so much better. The white is so crisp and refreshing in my kitchen. The last table I got didn't look good. This one just flows well  and I am really into white everything lately.

Turkey Or Chicken Soup

2 c. chopped or shredded turkey/chicken
2 T. butter or more
1 1/2 c. chopped carrots
1/2 c. chopped onion
1 c. chopped celery
1 c. chopped mushrooms
1/4 c. corn
3 c. chicken stock
1 c. milk
1 tsp.onion powder
1 tsp. garlic powder or less
Salt and pepper to taste

Sautee all veggies, excluding mushrooms and cooked corn, in butter. Once veggies are tender, add mushrooms and corn and saute a few more minutes.

Add meat and broth and seasonings.

Simmer about 10 minutes.

Add milk and stir.  Serve with favorite crusty bread. Top with sour cream for added richness.



Sunny age 3.5

My last post, I wrote all about Olivia and her 2 month milestones.  I realized I didn't mention Sunny. So here we go.
Sunny loves to play in her room. Now that it's finally organized, she has more pride in it and actually wants to spend more time in there.
Sunny's room wasn't always organized. I finally had it one day and spent a good Saturday getting it done. I organized all toys and put them in cubes in the closet. Lego, blocks,  puzzles, misc. stuff, all has a place.

I consider myself a neat freak and Sunny knows I am not happy when her room gets messy.  It gets messy a lot
Today her room was a huge mess and after a week of that mess, I finally cleaned it myself .

Sunny has a huge imagination.  I will often hear her talking to herself in her room while she pretend cooks. She loves to pretend she is baking something and will ask me to try her soup or her cakes.

Sunny loves her stuffed animals and sleeps with about ten of them.  She feels more secure in her bed now and rarely gets out of bed in the night . Her bedtime routine is always in bed between 6-8 pm and always requests a few stories and songs and then prayer. She always makes sure to bless the missionaries. Dad usually does the bedtime routine pretty good.

Sunny has a little nook area I set up for her so she can quietly look at books. Because her room is so tiny, I had to be creative in setting it up just right.

Sunny loves having her own tree in her room. Makes a great night light too.

She is doing well in preschool . Getting her there on time has been my challenge. She is learning great social skills and academics as well.  I am so proud of her.

She loves going out with grandma. Today she went to see Moana with her and was so happy to get her own popcorn.  They also went to get a cupcake after and when I picked her up she kept asking me when she could do it again.

She makes a great sister and loves her baby so much . I do get a bit nervous when she kisses her too hard or tries to pick her up, but I am trying to relax about it more.

I love ya Sunny. You are growing up way to fast.


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)