Grateful Sunday

I realized after my last post how negative it was. I decided that I needed to write something positive today.  I feel so grateful for what the Lord has blessed me with. I know I need to reflect on the good I see and that positive changes can start with me.  I've said all these things before and I will say them again. I am so grateful to be in the gospel, married to a hardworking husband who lets me stay home with our children, who goes to school full time and will be graduating in a few months with a degree in business/accounting.

I am so grateful to be blessed with children.  after experiencing the heartbreak of years of infertility,  I feel God is so good.

I am so grateful for my house. although its a fixer upper and it drives me nuts, I love our home and never want to move anywhere else.

For my sweet friends. I have made amazing mama friends who I love doing playdates with, who I can count on for favors.

Today I woke up and decided I really wanted to improve my relationship with Sunny. We have cuddled up next to our fireplace as it burned wood (so awesome) anf read stories. I need to give my time to this girl and do more then drag her along when I run errands. That is not the quality of time she needs from me, my frazzled mama brain gets that now.  She needs me as much as I need her.  I have already seen improvement in her behavior.

Sunny was lucky to have 3 Halloween parties to attend this year, one being tomorrow.  She talks about Halloween everyday and can hardly wait to go trick or treating tomorrow.  We are keeping traditions going of making our annual dinner in a pumpkin recipe along with pumpkin pie.

The holidays are approaching and I couldn't be more grateful to spend them with my loved ones.


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)