Sunny at 2.5 months

Just just turned 2.5 months. I think there is a huge difference in her maturity this past month. Here are things I've observed about her that I don't want to forget. After all, kids change so quick.

Sunny loves kids and is very friendly.  She is easily excited too. She is the most social kid I have ever seen.  Here are some examples. 
Whenever we are out shopping, she will wave and say hello to any child she sees. If she is confined in a cart that is. If she is out of the car, she will proudly approach a child, say hello, and hug them or pat them on the shoulder. She is so affectionate.
  She has always been super affectionate. I can recall her going up to complete strangers and hugging them. One time a lady with a child noticed this and told her husband. When we saw them months later at the park, she told her husband that Sunny was the child she was talking about.
Sunny loves nursery. She has never been one who cried when either of us left.
 Sunny is the only kid I have ever seen who runs up to Santa and jumps on his lap. Even Santa told me today that he had never seen a two year old so outgoing.

Sunny seems wise beyond her years. If we are out in a store and she sees a little boy, she will go up to him and say, "Hello little boy, how are you?" She will then hold her hand out to shake his hand.  When she sees a little girl, she will say, "Hello friend" even if she doesn't know her.
Sunny answers "Sure" instead of "yes"
 Sunny is very polite. After leaving daycare or any place I pick her up, she will tell others "thank you, and goodbye"

Sunny is very much a right brained little gal. She loves anything to do with the arts.  Music, dancing, cooking.  She has taken a huge interest in singing.  At church she will sing hymns as loud as she can (pretending). She also has impressed quite a few people who have observed her art. When she watercolors or colors, she stays in the lines very well. This has come from months of practice.
 She has also taken a huge interest in cooking. Anytime we are cooking on the stove or chopping things up, she will grab a chair and pull it over so she can help.

 Sunny loves to do everything herself. If anyone takes over and does it for her, she will start over again until she does it on her own.

Sunny has been potty trained for a couple of months but she does go through her rebellion. There are days like today that she only wants to wear a diaper because I guess she wants to stay a baby longer.  There are also days she refuses to go in the potty and goes in her panties instead, even though she knows better.
 She has become a much better eater this last month (since daylight savings time) and has a much larger appetite.

She doesn't take naps much, but she is so much better at sleeping through the night then she used to. I will take it.
 She is extremely irritable if she is over-tired. But she is angelic as can be if she is well rested. That is with most kids.

She is starting to talk in complete sentences. She sometimes is lazy and doesn't want to take the time and pronunciate, but I know she can do it, because she has.  For example, she can say "Grandma" perfectly, but sometimes will say "Mama" because it's easier.
 She would rather be outside then inside

She is very much in tune to human emotions. Just yesterday I picked her up from gym daycare in the evening, and one of the supervisors told me that she went up to a lady who was crying and gave her a hug and told her, "It's okay."
 I love you Sunny. You are the light of my world.  You are my shopping buddy, my daytime companion, and my forever friend.  

My thoughts on motherhood:  Having a baby changes you completely. Your life before will never be the same as it is now. Motherhood is beautiful and rough and rewarding. I believe motherhood teaches us valuable lessons of patience, love, understanding, empathy. As mothers, we can remind ourselves that we can do hard things.  Nurturing a child, keeping a child alive and healthy, and raising them right, are all very overwhelming to think about. Perhaps that is the greatest anxiety all mothers have.  I know the Lord wants us to pray for guidance when we need help the most. He trusts us with all his heart to take care of his children who he sent to us.


Our Week In A Nutshell & Peanut Butter Protein Bites

This week went by fast. How is Thanksgiving already on Thursday.  Shopping for the feast is always a madhouse. That is why I do my shopping before 8 am. 

I try not to overlook Thanksgiving too much with all the Christmas going on. We do play Christmas music all day long from the radio. It's the way to go. No having to stop and worry about changing a CD. Playing music really helps bring the holiday spirit into our home, as well as hit a few tender nerves,  such as when Christmas Shoes plays or songs of Christ come on. (Bring on the Kleenex ).
 Sunny got an early Christmas gift. This GORGEOUS table and chair set was made by a sweet neighbor. I seriously can't stop looking at it and everything i've dreamed of having for Sunny (to pass down to generations even)

Yesterday afternoon we headed to the park. Then later that night we headed to a movie, then over to family,  and watched a Christmas movie.
          She loves hanging or swinging on        bars. Maybe gymnastics in her future??
                           Loves the slide
                 Fresh Autumn air is just what                                        she needs.
                         Loves to expore

I started reading these two parenting books.
Jo, from Super Nanny, discusses raising toddlers and effective ways to discipline.  The second book, Bringing Up Bebe, is about one woman's experience raising her toddler in Paris and how different Europe's approach is to the US approach on discipline and raising kids.  I highly recommend both these books. They are huge eye-openers to me and I see a major difference in Sunny's behavior. 

Here is one of my favorite protein snacks. One of these bites really hits the spot. They are packed with fiber, protein, and taste great. I love offering these to Sunny when she needs a bit ofprotein. These are also great to pack up in a sandwich bag when we are out n about running around and need a pick me up. Perfect snack anytime.

Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal Energy Protein Bars (Ball shaped).

 No Baking Required & Sugar Free.

2 c. Oats
1 c. All Natural Peanut Butter
1 c. Ground golden flaxseed
1/4 c. Chia seed
1/4 c. Shredded Coconut (unsweetened preferred)
1/2 c. Agave nectar or honey. You can reduce this and add 1/4 c.
2-3 T. Coconut oil
2 tsp. Vanilla extract
Mini chocolate chips

If you don't want chocolate chips, you can opt for dried fruit such as blueberry or cherries chopped up.

Combine everything in a bowl and shape into balls. Place on parchment paper on flat surface and refrigerate a couple hours. Ready to eat.


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)