I told myself I would go to yoga today and I went. Addy was calm the first 20 minutes and then I stepped out. A lady I know a little offered to walk Addy around the track so I could finish yoga. She's a mom too and she certainly could of benefited from yoga, but she insisted I finish and she would watch Addy.  Such a selfless act. She barely knows me, yet she gave up her yoga for me.

I thanked her over and over. The more people do for me, the more I want to pay it forward.

This is not the first time someone at the gym has approached me to help with Addy. One other time a lady I did not know approached me while I was walking the track with Addy crying. She asked if she could run the track with Addy and told me to go have time with myself. I took her up on her offer, a little nervous about handing my baby off to a total stranger, but I did it. And this total stranger was a saint. She got Addy to sleep. All was great after that.

There really are good people out there. For so long I had lost faith in humanity.
Our SUV was stolen in 2011 after we paid it off, 8,000. My Buick was crashed in and it was a hit n run back in 2007 and again in 2013 and after those incidents I didn't really recover. I know there are worst things.

On a lighter note,  this is what I found tonight. It made me feel so warm and fuzzy.
                       Bedtime stories and Addy on floor. Love it.

I can't help but smile when I see these pillows and my precious plant I have had for two years now that is growing ever so slow, but is still alive. Wonder what she will look like next year.


Warm Weather & A Consistent Schedule

Since Adelaide stopped nursing and now is on a very good schedule, I feel I finally have some normalcy in my life. When I tell people how great this new normal is they are often like, You really never had that, that's too bad. We still have a lot of challenges with Sunny's behavior and how to handle her.
Sunny is a difficult child. She behaves very well in dance class and was okay in preschool.  However at church. Oh my gosh help me!!!

I understand kids with food allergies are often the ones who act out the most. However, just when I think she has an allergy, she is okay the next day. So hard to figure out.
So with a schedule happening with Addy, I feel I have more time to spend with Sunny and return to the blog more.
With the warm weather, Sunny and I played outside while baby napped. We got suprise visitors and Sunny was EXTREMELY excited to see her crush, Abraham and his sister.
I don't think I've mentioned that I am spring cleaning and organizing. First thing i am doing is cleaning out my closet. I had every intention of taking them to DI, but Abraham's mother ended up taking them instead and it feels wonderful to have a lighter closet.
I am such a poor dresser. I seriously need a makeover on how to dress.

After 2 hours,  it was time to clean up a very messy room and say goodbye.

We had a fun day.

I can't believe how big Adelaide looks compared to Adam.


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)