Alkalining your Body and The Rotation Diet

I have so much to learn still about the science of food combining and balance. In my previous post back in May, I wrote about the alkaline diet and how alkaline foods need to be balanced with more acidic foods. I decided to redo this post and delete the previous post because I realized I was sending wrong information out. I will blame that on a book I read in which I took out of context due to misinterpreting information. Here is what I have learned that has more truth behind it according to research.
First of all, the body, (unless it has celiac (allergy to gluten) or some food allergy) needs to have a diet rich in all foods, rotated throughout the week. I have learned that extreme dieting is not good for anyone (unless your doctor specifies it's okay). Eating the same food daily without being properly balanced with fruits and veggies, will create a body too high in acid, which can lead to disease. No germ, parasite or virus can really survive in a alkalined body, and the body does have reserves to fight off too much acid when person doesn't eat enough alkaline. But when the body becomes weak and depleted of its reserved preserves, then acid can rule the body and then sickness or disease can occur. So, a rule that I like to follow and keep simple is too just make sure I am not eating an over-abundance of the same food day after day. Here is a sample of a eating protocol I like to follow in this rotation diet.
Day 1 Wheat and meat
Breakfast: whole grain, high fiber flourless bread such as Ezikial bread, with almond butter, oatmeal, and fruit smoothie drink.
Lunch- organic turkey meat with goat cheese, avocado, sprouts, and tomato on spelt flour tortilla with carrots and apple/celery
Snack-apples and goat cheese together, chips and salsa, yogurt with pro-biotics, veggie drink
Dinner-Speghetti with meat and whole wheat pasta
Day 2 Rice and Corn with a little meat or none at all
Breakfast- rice or corn cereal, fruit and eggs
Lunch, Salad with black beans and rice in place of meat
Snack- apples, carrots, rice crackers and hummus
Dinner- chicken enchiladas made with corn tortillas, or veggie and tofu stir fry with rice
Day 3 Soups and easy digestables
Breakfast- apple sauce, cream of wheat with soft, heated berries, yogurt
Lunch- Soup of your choice
Snack, protein smoothie, fruit smoothie, or carrot juice
Dinner- mashed potatoes and gravy, cooked grean beans or other veggie.
Dessert- chocolate protein smoothie
Day 4- Back to wheat and meat of your choice (include alkaline veggies throughout the day)
Day 5 Back to rice and corn
Day 6 back to soups and easy digestables
Day 7 back to wheat and meat.
Hope this is helpful for some who don't understand the rotation diet. It is difficult to do unless you keep track and plan meals. If you want to give this a try, it's worth it!

I LOOOOVE My Blendtec

This is a picture of a blendtec and I am the proud owner of one. You may have seem this one at Costco, during demo time, making all sorts of scrumptious juices, soups, yogurts, ect. For months we have been wanting one, but the price being 400.00, we just couldn't give in. My mom has a vitamix she got, and I would get spoiled using hers. Have you ever wanted something so badly, but just couldn't come to terms with how expensive it is? I had a solution. Sell our kitchen table and purchase one. We did just that, and now I can say it's well worth 400.00, in fact, this super blender is the best 400.00 I have ever spent, the best investment too...an investment to health!
I use this thing about twice a day. I make lots of veggie drink combos, fruit juice combos, soups, salsas, everything, you name it! This blender is ultra-powerful and does what most average blenders could not do. In fact, your average blender would break if you put whole veggies in it daily and made it do what this blender does effortlessly. In a former post I wrote about how important it is to get more alkaline in our diets. With this blendtec, I make pure alkaline drinks. I love super-charging my system. The benefits are amazing. Here are some sample recipes I make.
Alkaline Carrot Combo Drink
2 carrots
2 celery
handful of spinach
1 c. water
1 apple
Super-charged Veggie Drink (sordive like V-8 but without all the salt)
2 carrots
2 celery
handful of spinach
1 yam or sweet potato
2 tomatos
1 cucumber
1 c. water
Fruit Combo drinks
2 oranges
2 carrots
1 c. water or juice
Banana Combo Drink
2 bananas
1 c. spinach
1 c. soy milk
1 c. chopped pineapple
There are many more combos, but just think of how long it would take you to eat all those fruits and veggies if you had to eat them in their basic form. Drinking them takes less time, and you are able to get so many more servings of fruits and veggies that way. Also, more digestable in liquid form, full of live enzymes your body needs, and delicious. If you can't afford a blend-tec, I recommend you save for one. You will definately get your moneys worth out of it, if you are committed to your health daily.


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