Redmond Clay

This is Redmond Clay and it is one of my favorite facial masks. This clay is nutrient and mineral rich and found millions of years ago and used by many natives as a natural remedy to healing. It is found in volcanic ash and completely beneficial for topical or internal use. I have read stories about people drinking it for health benefits and has proven to be a miracle cure due to the high mineral and vitamin content it contains. It is also soothing on the stomach. I have drank it myself many times and the taste is a little murky tasting but it's definately tolerable. I love this product as a facial and body mask. I mix it with luke warm water, and then I smear it over my face like mud. It dries fast and really keeps your skin beautiful. You can find this product at Healthfood stores or even on Amazon for around 7.00.

Re-Growing Green Onions

If you don't have a garden, don't you get tired of having to buy produce all the time because of the price flucuations. I know planting a garden is the top recommendation for fresh, nutrient rich veggies, but some veggies grow just fine right in your own home or window for light. I was browsing at "makinglifesimple.com" on youtube, and found that the creater of that site, found an wasy way to re-grow green onions. Here is what you do:
1. chop the white part of the green onion and place in a cup of water about 1/4 full.
2. Make sure the root of the white part of the onion is in the water.
3. Watch them grow. I hear they grow very fast.
Now you can have green onions when you want them. I don't think grocery stores would want you to learn this method, but it really is a great way to save extra $$.
Photo by tapproduce.com


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