Sunny's new bike

Sunny got a new bike today. I remember when i got my first bike at about 4 and it was something i will never forget. I think Sunny will remember this day. I promised her a bike months ago when she mastered potty training, and she has reminded me almost daily about her need for a bike.
I debated on different bikes, but eventually decided this is the better fit for her.  I love Radio Flyer bikes for their antique vintage look. This one is steel but has plastic tires, unlike some other models with rubber. I think the quality is good and should last her a few years. She can ride it until she's 5 and then pass it down, if it still works.
It has a bell which she loves and a place to store stuff. I think we will be spending a lot of time with this trike at the park. I love that it has a parent handle so I can push her along until she's on her own. Sunny is so thrilled and hardly had patience while it was put together.


Slightly Better

Yesterday I was sent home with the supplies to collect her urine sample to bring in. Problem is, it hasn't been easy.

The clinic doesn't open until 9 and trying to get a sample after that hasn't been fun. She hasn't been going much for one and she's been in diapers due to diarrhea.

I am hoping to get lucky and get a sample today. But I the meantime she has been drinking cranberry juice and eating yogurt.

Her temp is down to 99 degrees now and she's playing more and sleeping less. I think she's lost weight but that would be expected.  She's irritable,  but that's normal.

She weighs 29 pounds and is 3 feet tall.  I told her she was seeing Doc McStuffins to ease her fears. It sordive worked.

I so needed to get out today. Being sick and cooped up in the house all week has been insane.  I headed to Target and bought Sunny this
She was so excited.  She loves building toys or anything to do with creating something.  Legos were becoming old hats and I have a feeling this will be used a ton. I do not spoil Sunny at all, and it's been ages since she got a new toy. She earned this for getting potty trained, and I did feel sorry for her being sick n all.
. Rodney loves this type of stuff too. Great bonding time while I get some R&R.
This is one of the best toys ever. Nonstop entertainment.  Watching 15 marbles make it to bottom is so fun. Best toy I ever bought.

My baby shower was supposed to be tomorrow but it ain't happening anymore. I am totally fine with it.  Tonight I plan to watch another 4 or 5 episodes of Parenthood (I'm already on season 2), eat taco salad, maybe get out some frozen cookie dough and ice cream, put Sunny to bed by 8:30 and then watch a movie with my guy. I love weekends.

I am loving this month's cool weather. Fall treats me well.


Still Sick

Sunny is still sick, but I am better.  Usually if I do get sick,  it last 24 hours. I feel lucky I dont get sick often and i am one who rarely catches stuff from others, thanks to a strong immune system i guess. Knock on wood.  

My theory is that Sunny has a UTI.  We are going in today to get her checked out. Her temp has been about 102 and she can't sleep at night.  She has been crashing during the day.
                Naps are a rarity, so she must be sick.

I've been drinking a lot of herbal tea and just taking it easy. I'm back to the gym after a 3 week departure. I need this. 


When We're Both Sick

Today Sunny and i both woke up under the weather. She had preschool but was tossing and turning all night. I knew she wasn't herself.
She had breakfast and her nose started running. She has had a runny nose for awhile now and I'm not sure it's allergies or what.  She seemed to be coming around so I took her to school.
Sometimes its hard to know if your child is sick or just has a stomach ache. I thought she just had a little ache but after I picked her up, I knew she had much more.
With myself feeling sick, i tried to get her to take a nap. It took about 3 hours before she fell asleep.

She took an hour nap and I took her temp which was 102 .  She felt hot so she had some Tylenol. Both of us have no appetite.  My stomach has felt so hard and there is so much pressure that I haven't slept well at night in weeks. I think severe lack of sleep really is the culprit behind me feeling so sick today.
Poor Sunny. I Hope she returns to her spunky self soon.
                          Snuggling on my lap and an 8 month bump.


A Productive Day

We accomplished so much today.  This morning we finished all the painting on the house. Even started the shed. I have wanted to finish the painting so long. What a fresh white look the outside has now with tangerines accents. Our home is nicknamed the creamsicle.

For about 3 weeks I have not been motivated to go to gym.  I can't even get myself out the door to go.

Today around 4 pm, I sensed Sunny was getting bored. I wasn't sure what to do with her. I'm kind of tired lately but she was getting into trouble so we headed up to the pool. The pool was doing some themed party and so we left. This is the third time we've gone to the pool and left due to wrong timing, closed for maintaining or this. Sunny was rather dissapointed, so we  headed to the park and she played in the ditch. She found friends to play with and had a good time I think.

I made Brazil food tonight. Sunny loves beans. She will not eat meat, but I gave found luck with beans. Rodney and I prefer meat, but since sunny is so finicky,  I am trying to make things she will eat that are not junkfood.
                      Our little vegetarian

I am really into watching Parenthood on netflix. Everyone Loves Raymond was our favorite but it left, so I am glad I found something I actually look forward to watching.

I feel everything is coming along goal wise.


What I Hope To Accomplish In 4 wks

The last month, it seems everyone is asking me questions of when I am due,  what I am having, any names picked and of course how cute I am.

The attention can get old, but I do appreciate concerns or caring people.

I really feel blessed to not have had to experience infertility this time around. In fact, it was way too easy.
My heart does go out to those who struggle with infertility, those who have to go through science technology or those who lack control over their desire to have how many children they want. It's all so sad, but I know the next life will entail opportunities earth life cannot and everything will be perfect.

With everything happening so quick, I have a major to do list.

This is a very exciting month. My baby shower is this month, my house is getting better organized,  things are coming together.

I am getting into this giddy nesting thing, ready to organize everything just right.

What I still need to buy

2 Newborn sleepers with zippers, lightweight cotton.

Newborn laundry detergent

Newborn diapers


Fitted cradle sheets, cotton 18 x 36

To do:

Remove these items from shed and wash:

Incline bed
Baby clothes 0- 3 months

Inside House Organization checklist

Organize all hallway cabinets with baby essentials

Fold and put away all washed clothes/blankets ♡

Finish baseboards

Organize pantry and search for my breastpump equipment.

Outside House Checklist

Harvest remainder of veggies/watermelon and dig up all weeds in garden

Change PH in soil for new grass seed

Install sprinkler system in front yard/back

Finish painting house/shed

Seems like alot to tackle in less then a month.

In addition, I would like to sleep now as much as I can, find a baby name, continue gym, and figure out what to pack in a hospital bag. With Sunny, I didn't pack a single thing. It was a disaster not having what I needed.


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)