Holiday Style

About 6 years ago, I thought about being a fashion blogger. I have a huge wardrobe from back when I worked full time and then shopped for cool clothes and spent waaaaay too much money.

I thought about showing off my wardrobe with all my unique finds. But, I never got around to it.  Life, work, then motherhood happened.  I certainly don't shop now much, but I am quite glad I got my big ol' closet full of past cute clothes. I often get asked, "Is that new, I love it." If you call 7 years ago new, why not, haha.

Since I was a kid, I loved getting a new holiday dress. This year, I got an early present:  This gold skirt.

I LOVE gold for Christmas.  I love it mixed with black. Gold and black are perfect together.
In the past, I have stuck with green or red, but this year, I am really into metallics, pure white, forest green, blush pink and sequins.

Tomorrow we are heading to a fancy holiday party and I decided to try on different outfits. This outfit is a winner. I don't plan to wear this hat, but for a more casual party, the hat may work.  (The hat came in handy today since my hair is BAD and no makeup on)



Hearty, Healthy Breakfast Ideas

It's Monday and I think i'm ready to tackle thus week by getting back to my routine.

And by routine, I mean sticking with healthy lifestyle routine. I made a rule for myself because I thrive off good routine.
M-F is where I limit as much treats and sweats as I can. The exception is dark chocolate.   I can not live with out my dark chocolate.  I also stick with a good workout routine. That means some sort of cardio and yoga. I know I sound like a broken record stating my routine. But, I have to give myself continuous affirmations.

The weekend has no routine. This is where I don't give a stink and will do what I want.

The problem is,  when Monday comes, I have a hard time hopping on the health bandwagon again.

Rodney made a batch of ginger bread cookies. I ate about 8.

Today started out right. I woke up and decided to make a hearty healthy breakfast bowl which I am going to share with you today.

I start out by making steel cut oats the night before so they are sitting on the stove ready to eat.  This is perfect for Rodney who wakes up early and will have breakfast ready for him. To prepare steel cut oats ahead of time, you simply boil 4 c of water and add 1 c of steel cut oats. Allow oats to boil for one minute. Turn off heat, cover pot and go to bed.
When you wake, steel cut oats are ready to serve. Most people top oats with fruit and milk, but not today.  Today,  I will show you how versatile oats are and what you can do to create the best breakfast.

1. Scoop your prepared steel cut oats or oatmeal in a bowl. About 1/2 c.

2. In a pan, cook about 1-2 eggs, easy side up, or poached. I prefer poached. Cook your sausage or bacon as well. You can use already cooked meat to make it faster.

3. In smaller saute pan, add 2 T. Oil and salute a handful of spinach leaves or kale, a handful of cabbage (purple/green cabbage), add a bit of jalepeno pepper. Once it sauteed, add about 2 tsp. Rice vinager and 1/2 T. Tamari or soy sauce.

4. Top the oatmeal with chopped sausage or bacon,  over easy eggs, and veggie mixture. Add more tamari sauce if you desire.

This is so incredibly good.  You must try it.

My other favorite is classic avocado toast.
I love to add a bit of egg, Tabasco sauce, and tomato on top for more flavor. Some even add cheese.
Perfect breakfast for kids too.

And here is a quick note on Sunny. Her fever never got past 104, thank goodness. She got extremely hot a few nights ago, wasn't peering like normal and was extremely lethargic.I used my Onguard oil on her and diffused some and she seemed to recover okay. Sunny has been sick alot this year, so I'm glad I got these essential oils.


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)