Our Newest Addition

Olivia Adelaide Tracy
Oct. 7, 2016
6 pounds 13 oz
19 inches
7:34 am

She is so sweet, so mellow, so fragile, so beyond perfection.

She's already two weeks. I hope time slows down. I love these newborn snuggles. 

I really did things different this time around. I got out pretty much right when we got home. I am back to the gym, yoga,  and my life as it was before. This amazes alot of people, but truth be told, the longer I stay shelterd inside, the harder it is to return to my old routine.

As the saying goes, A baby changes everything. So true, but in such a wonderful way.

A few pictures

Choosing her name was extremely difficult.  I had Rodney decide right before we left hospital because I couldn't decide. Adelaide was her name during my pregnancy, but after she arrived I got more indecisive about names.

Sunny is adapting okay to the change.  The first week was tough, lots of meltdowns and she refused to eat hardly anything,  including her favorite pizza. She gets jealous especially when her grandma holds the baby.

This week is better,  she loves Olivia and can love on her a bit hard making us on edge. She's a great helper and loves getting me diapers or other things I need.

I am doing the bottle method this time. My breast pump is really getting use this time. I am getting super skinny from this but that's normal for me. As soon as I am through this first year, hopefully,  I will put on and keep the weight on again.

We love our little babe and can't wait to see her grow, change and interact with her big sister.


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)