Picnic At The Park

I don't know who was more excited to return to our favorite park today, me or Sunny. I couldn't wait to go back today and show dad. Even though it was s ooooo cold, it didn't stop us.

I cannot get Sunny to ever take a picture with me, but Olivia always cooperates.

Maybe one day I will buy a better camera. They really aren't the best. Oh well.

We stopped at Durango for chicken salads and ate there. Afterwards Sunny had to go to her favorite place in the world (besides Disneyland).


I stopped in Old Navy because she needs more pants that have better insulation as her dad says. They had thermal tops for 4.00, So cute and fleece jogging pants, 4.00.

I think she's set now. I got her Christmas shopping done online at Target.
I got 25.00 off so what a deal.  

I think I may want this more then Sunny,  but I can't wait to play with it with her. It is so cute, I couldn't resist it.

Sunny has been asking for a tool set forever.  I guess she keeps finding things around the house that need to be fixed.  This one is 10.00 and is for ages 3 and up
She isn't into dolls as much as I thought she would be. 

She also wants a kitchen. I found one for 20.00 and can't wait until she sees it.

I still have more shopping to do. It's crazy out there and online shopping is easier.

And this little chunk is sleeping through the night now.  Sunny never did until she hit 3 so this is Awesome. 


Sunny's Christmas Program

Sunny had her preschool program today. So many people were there. Since it was so early, I showed up in my lounge wear and forgot my camera.  Two mom's approached me and noticed I had no camera.  They offered to take some for me. I love the sweet friendships I've made with these mom's. We always seem to have each other's back.

Sunny practically stole the entire show. There are 18 students in her class and most were to shy to sing or say their
Line when it was their turn. Not Sunny. She was loud as sang and said her line perfect.  Her teacher thanked sunny at the end for making her job so easy.

The other parents thought Sunny was too cute and all told her afterwards.

I love Sunny is not shy and doesn't hold back.  She is quite the character to say the least.


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)