Dried Citrus Fruit

Next Christmas, I'm onto something different.
                           Smells so good
Why oh why didn't I think of dehydrating citrus fruit earlier.

Anyway, next year:

1. I would love a real tree. I LOVE the smell of pine.

2. I want everything decorated in dried citrus fruit. Limes, grapefruit, lemons, oranges and cranberry acorn garlands. I can just smell my house. Yum!

This year, I am already done. I was tempted to take down tons of my decor and put some citrus fruit and cranberry garlands up that I've been working on. But, I am tired for a real good reason ;), and I know I can wait to go all out next year.

I decided to purchase some citrus fruit and cranberries (to practice) and make some lovely citrus ornaments and garlands, just a few. It is so easy, and much cheaper then buying common ornaments at store.

To dry the fruit, all you do is slice each fruit with stem on. You can add a little vanilla and cinnamon if you like. They are not for eating, but might be tempting for a certain toddler to try out. This idea below is awesome.  I will attempt that next year.

These are two great ideas I found from happytrailswildtails.com

Next year,  this will be our family home evening craft.

To make the dried fruit:

Place on oven rack not baking sheet and bake at 120 for 2-3 hours.

Allow to cool,  then poke a needle through with string attached for garland, or for ornaments,  just do the same, but shorten length to desire.


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