Going Preservative Free

This is a great paraben-free, all natural lotion with essential oils, that I really like. After doing research on how preservatives and additives in processed food can affect our bodies, I have decided to really watch what can be absorbed into my skin as well. Most lotions have preservatives, such as paraben, to protect the shelf life of the lotion, the same way food has preservatives to protect it from bacteria and fungi.
Here are common preservatives and additives in food that I watch out for. (healthfood stores generally don't carry foods with these preservatives).
TBHQ: this preservative is found in items such as taco shells, ramon noodles, packaged breaded fish sticks...
Nitrates: this is found in most deli meats found at grocery store.
MSG: a flavor enhancer that can cause headaches.
Red 40 and other food colorings such as tartrazine (yellow food coloring)
stannous chloride (tin) This is found in canned foods mostly. Avoid going above 250 mg per liter.
The list goes on. There is a reason why people turn to whole foods and avoid processed foods all together.
Common Cosmetic Preservatives include:
artificial colors
synthetic fragrances


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