End Of Week Re-cap

I am going to try to summarize our week from now on, mainly to highlight things I want to remember.

Such things as Adelaide started a probotic called Reuteri. She's taking it well.  I basically open the capsule and have her suck the powder off my finger. This pr obiotic was highly recommend,  especially those that spit up or who have reflux. She also takes vitamin D which is  dissolved in her mouth and sucked from my finger.

Sunny started dance with Mrs. Sheila. Sheila was also my teacher as a teen and she graduated with my older sister,  so it's fun to have her teach Sunny. This class is fun and Sunny did great.

Sunny went to daycare up at the gym everyday last week and has gone everyday this week, so I am seeing better behavior from her. I am still trying to figure out how to make her stay in bed. She was so good before Christmas and now she just wants to play with her toys and not go to bed at night. Trying to get her to listen or obey is an ongoing struggle. What can I say, 3 and 4  are the ages of Hell.

Monday, Rodney and Sunny had a daddy daughter date and went to the mall and ate at the Pizza place there and then played in the play area they have now.

I think Addie enjoys quiet at home since Big sister is very loud all day.

As for me, I really need hair lowlights and maybe a date without the kiddos for some much needed hubby time.

Here are some pictures this week.


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)