How To Make the Most Nutritious Bone Broth

I am a convert to bone broth. I had heard about it so many times, even from my visiting teacher, but I never knew exactly how to go about making it. Complicated it sounded. Well, I decided to get my gear in action and learn how to do it. I mean, come on, how hard could it be. You go to the grocers, you go to the meat section, and you pick up some bones (chicken, beef, ham, any bone works). The issue was, there was no bones in the meat section that you could just buy alone. So, I talked with the butcher, asked if he had any bones with marrow, and little or no meat on them. He did, in fact, he had multiple selections and ended up cutting me femur bones which are the highest in bone marrow. I have made bone broth about 4 times now, and each time has not been easy. It takes practice. But I must say, as I am making some in my crockpot right now, that it does get easier each time. The first few times, I had too much fat in the broth, and I had to drain it multiple times. This time, I cut off the little fat on each bone, which is the way to do this, and then placed about 10 bones in a large crockpot, and about 8 c. of water. I set it on high for the first few hours, then reduced to low. When you make broth this way, make sure you allow to come to a boil and then reduce the heat. Allow about 10 hours for the bones to release vital nutrients into the water that mostly come from marrow. Why drink bone broth? Bone broth is the most nutritious way to go. Marrow is full of collegen, vitamins, calcium and minerals to name a few. Do the research. You will be amazed at how simple and nutritious bone broth is to make. Make sure you do drain the fat before you drink in a mesh colinder. If you have any bones left from chicken, beef, turkey, or pork, Never throw them away. The bones have vital nutrients you could never get in a single vitamin alone.


baby girl

My family and I, are a family of girls. My sisters had mostly ALL girls, and of course boys are the minority. Ever have that strong inkling that you just know what your having? I am having a girl, just wait and see. Only 3 weeks until the gender ultrasound. I have a closet full of baby girl clothes right now. Yes, that is my mothers doing. She has shopped for baby girl clothes for my baby. Even she knows. Anyway, my birthday today was AWESOME!!!!!!!! I went to the club at 7 am today, saw my cool buddies, had the best birthday party at this Vietnam place, and the best soup of my life, and got tons of presents. Probably more then i ever have. Whoohoo. Life is good!!!


growing baby

This Sunday I will be starting my second trimester. I really can't wait to say so long first trimester, it was nice knowin ya. The sickness has faided, the fatigue is going away, and the major hunger is beginning. The paleo lifestyle is about 50% right now, or until my hunger settles down. But until then, moderation is key and know matter how many times those obnoxious cravings creep up on me, I am happy to say, I never knew how much willpower I have. Willpower, it's important.


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