Sunny does Chores

Yes, it's true. My little one is doing chores for me. Hooray!  Today she helped put silverware away with no help from me. She had fun. This is the age where they like to help.

One day when she is a teen and no longer likes doing chores, I will show her these pictures .

So ever since Addy was born (for reference,  I am too lazy to write her entire name out, but we do not plan to call her "Addy") I have had the worse sweet tooth.  I can't stay away from the sweets. I can't even gain weight. If I don't have sweets, I crave them, which leads me to going to get them. Before Addy, I did not have a sweet tooth very much.

I've been thinking alot about going further with this blog. Every time I get serious about it, I stop myself.  I just don't feel I can get ahead without a good camera and some good footage.  However I feel overwhelmed at the idea of how to take quality pictures,  edit them, make them top notch and get people interested. It seems mind boggling. And do I have the time? Nope. Toddler doesn't nap ever and baby is a night owl. Okay, forget I even mentioned my blogging goals. Never mind.

Today was fun. Stopped into the nursery,  got my favorite house plants that seem to survive no matter what, got Sunny some flowers for outside,  headed to town for errands, home, dinner and now heading to bed.


Mango Salsa (see January archive on right for recipe)