Purging Continues-Handbag & Diaper Bags *And My New Perfect Bag*

I'll admit when it comes to finding the perfect handbag or diaper bag,  I am a bit of a freak....and hoarder. I have way too many bags and diaper bags. I either get bored with my bag or I find somethin major wrong with it as far as either being uncomfortable or a nuisance to find anything.

In my twenties, I didn't care much about purses. I used the same one,  a cotton crossbody I bought at a San Francisco street vendor for 20.00. I used it a ton. When I hit 30, I wanted to invest in my first ever leather bag. I was married and working and had no kids yet so I thought it would make a great investment. Who doesn't love the smell of real leather.  A piece of heaven.

However, I couldn't bite the bullet and get one. Most were way too much and I was used to spending no more then 30 on a bag. So I put it off.

When I was expecting Sunny, I decided I needed to invest in one perfect bag/diaper bag combo. I wanted something durable,  classic and beautiful.  I invested in a Vera Bradley. It was under 60 and cotton/washable.
Long story short,  it was all wrong and way too small for all the junk I was lugging around.

I decided to look into leather finally. Really, with a kid?  Sounds crazy,  but at the time everyone was going nuts over designer bags.
I looked into Lily Jade fine leather diaper bags. They are not cheap. They seemed too small.
I ended up with a B markosky bag and it was the softest leather,  but again too small. I actually ruined it by spilling a coke in it.

Next, I got a Coach bag.  They are top quality, but again too small for a diaper bag.

When Sunny was a few months old, I was
gifted a leather Storksak designer diaper bag. Pure luxery leather heaven! It was a larger leather bag but it hurt my back with it's heaviness, even with the shoulder strap it came with.

I then ended up with a Ralph Lauren bag and it was okay for awhile,  but again not perfect. I then went for another Vera Bradley which I bought used for a great deal.

Overall,  I have not been happy with my diaper bag choices. Its like finding the perfect matress topper.  You want it all, comfort and space was top priority.

Recently I got a Baggu bag. BEST BAG EVER! It is washable, lightweight, strong canvas, exceptional quality, low price, versatile,  beautiful,  spacious,  durable,  and I don't have to feel paranoid about it being leather.

I don't just think, I finally know I found the perfect bag/diaper bag. It only took a few years to find.
Now I am in the process of finding out which bags I want to purge or just give to whomever wants. The process continues.


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