The Purging Continues

This purging business is a lot of work! For years I have contemplated doing it, just never got around to it. It's tough saying goodbye, yet feels so relieving and light at the same time.

So how do you know what to get rid of? Hold the item, touch it, feel it. Does it bring you joy? If not, toss it.
There is such a thing as a capsule wardrobe,  consisting of classic items that are quality, staples, and timeless, and there is such a thing as trendy, low quality random  numbers that take up space and are not worn much.  These are the items that I am purging. These are items that are not age appropriate anymore. I do not plan to dress like I am in my twenties anymore. I would like to look my age, or a bit younger, haha.

Most of the purged items are going to DI or to anyone who wants/needs them. I am not doing eBay. No, no, no.

There are certain rules from here on out thar I have set for myself. Because I tend to be a flake about sticking to rules, I decided to record it here.

5 Rules

1. No more low quality items. I DO NOT need them.

2. If the best thing about an item is the price, do not buy it. In other words,  a shirt that was 160 dollars marked down to 25.00 is not going to tempt me.

3. When making a purchase, ask myself, is this a need or a want.

4. Do not give into trends. Stick with classics.

5. Do not look at fashion blogs. They are a huge temper to make un-necessary purchases.

I am not a bad spender. I consider myself a real bargain hunter, rarely buying anything at full price. The problem is, I have a closet full of sale price stuff that I am purging.  This stuff was cheap,  but nothing I plan to keep.

Here are the results of keepers after my purging.  I do not plan to make any purchases for a very long time. Having this simplicity of "less junk" is serenity.

Shoes for each season (classic, high quality items)
5 pairs of saddles
3 sneakers, walking, exercise shoes
1 pair of heels
2 pairs of boots

Clothing for each season
10 sweaters
7 cardigans
2 pairs of jeans
1 sweater coat/2 jackets. I gave my warmest coat I used up north to someone who needed it more. :)

6 capri's
3 crops
12 t-shirts
7 blouses, nice tops

Seems pretty basic, but I love it. I am actually working on Sunny's wardrobe next. I have already sorted sizes she has outgrown and labels and put them in containers for Addy. Addy will be my hand-me- down child. Poor Addy.

I think Rodney (who is not a shopper of clothes, and WILL wear jeans from high school still, appreciates closet space he has gained from my purge.

Overall, getting rid of things you don't wear in over a year is recommended.  There are quite a few books out that talk about how to purge your stuff and how to eliminate clutter and junk. I feel more organized for sure.


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